XOBI Extrem

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Unsere von Hand gefertigte rostfreie XOBI Campingküche aus 3mm starken Aluminium Riffelblech  und geöltem Bambusholz (lebensmittelecht, nachhaltig und umweltfreundlich), mit den Maßen 52,2 cm (Länge) – 42 cm (Breite) – 37,5 cm (Höhe), ist durch ihr leichtes Gewicht (ca. 11,5 kg) universell einsetzbar.

This makes it suitable for camping trips, as well as leisure activities, such as swimming trips or festivals.

The box is splash-proof and intended for outdoor use.

You get a mobile, lockable kitchen station with 10 l fresh water tank, 24 cm stainless steel bowl, 12V water tap with micro switch (foldable), 12V car connection (length approx. 2,5m) and cutting board.

Below the removable sink you have additional storage space for your kitchen utensils. In addition, it can be used closed both as a seat, as well as a small dining table.

Accessories shown in the pictures must be purchased separately.

Der Deckel ist nicht abnehmbar.


The following items aree not included:

-Aluminium stand here in the shop available.

-Pro Set: Shower, Battery Box and Lamp- here in the shop available.

-Imax Camping stove- here in the shop available.

-Clip-on board- here in the shop available.

-XOBI shower - here in the shop available.

-XOBI Light - here in the shop available.


As the item is handmade, delivery times may vary.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel.: 0151/54633739 or 0151/40107426

XOBI – Go outside, be happy!

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

Vorteile der Bambus Faser
Widerstandsfähig und Langlebig auch bei starker Beanspruchung. Sehr verzugsarm, robust und formstabil aufgrund geringem Quell – und Schwindverhalten. Sehr leicht und elastisch dank der Hohlräume in der Zellstruktur. Antibakteriell und keimreduzierend durch die natürlichen Inhaltsstoffe.


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